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Delicious Simplicity​

Rice Bowls
Noodle Bowls

We are so happy to bring you the tastes of our home country, and share with you some of the favourite dishes in our own home.  We love simple dishes with clean, uncomplicated flavour.    You can be sure that ingredients are fresh and MSG free, as our restaurant kitchen is the source of our own meals as well! We take great pride in preparing our home-style food and have created a menu that focuses on single bowl meals.  If you really like a spicy-bite to your food, we have you covered! Some of our dishes incorporate Korean influences to provide you with that crave-worthy heat.

Rice Bowls: These are satisfying rice bowls with a variety of toppings. We make all our own sauces from scratch, giving you a taste of our family recipes.

Ramen: Hearty Japanese soups with a soul-satisfying noodles. The broths are always made from scratch and take two days to prepare. We only make enough to serve 50 bowls each day. 

Noodle Bowls: We have a selection of tasty noodle dishes that are pan-fried with both thin and thick noodles.

Izakaya: It's always fun to share with friends. We have some tasty dishes that are shareable appetizers, or just make a meal out of small plates! Some say we make the best karaage they've ever had.